Sublime Pictures Promo Video

We have just completed editing a video for our sister site Sublime Pictures stock footage. Steph Elmore recorded a fab green screen video for us and we edited screen recorded material interacting with the website ...

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Mavic 3 Pro Cine

We have just upgraded our main drone to a Mavic 3 Pro Cine (see here). We are very excited! It helps us bring better quality, more air time, waypoint flying, all round object sensing and ...

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New video production experience!

Video production always goes better when we do something a bit different and the recent production for Brother gave us the opportunity to work in a different studio space and try out some new tech. Brother ...

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iPhone 11 Pro Max, review.

I really like my iPhone 11 Pro Max. I like the bigger screen because my eyesight isn’t what it was and anything these days that has small print or small screens really winds me up, ...

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Blogs and Blogging

You may or may not know that blog articles on your website help your SEO and give you engagement with your audience. It may not be a newsletter type post i.e. here is all the ...

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TIP IVA Startup Video

We recently worked with TIP, The Insolvency Panel a new social enterprise. They are lovely clients and determined to positively change the way debt is handled in the UK. Primarily through TIP IVAs (Individual Voluntary ...

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Green Screen Filming

We got a call from New York, yes New York! from our client Richie to chat about a job. So the first surprise was that the person on screen chatting was not an American but from ...

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