A great use of video is to film your clients telling the world how good you are! Testimonials are all the rage but text is just that and could of course be made up or published via another email or identity. In the social media circles, where authenticity is the buzz word, video testimonials show that you have real clients who value your service and don’t mind telling the world all about you…

Here is one that we did for TIP a new social enterprise that sets new standards for debt management in the financial sector.


Here are a couple of our clients giving video testimonials.

If you would like to view the video that Paul Andrew referred to in the video clip above click on psychotic episode.

If you are able to  edit your own footage we have a special offer on this service (quote no. 1118) and for single camera, shot in 4k with camera operator we will charge you £80/hour, capped at £650.. For example if it takes us 4 hours door to door then you pay just £320 plus vat. (Editing £50/hour in addition). Go on get authentic! Contact us to get a quote 07831445102.