Video service prices can cost from as little as £990*. Assuming a half day shoot/half day edit. This video is an indication of what a clip for social media use might be like. Larger productions with more preparation, paperwork, equipment, shooting and editing would be more expensive. Here is an example of a large budget production.


For 1 person camera crew we charge from £700*/day . Sound recordists extra. Contact us for kit details. We crew to commitment but have a 6K camera, prime lenses, GoPro, sound gear  and drones as standard.


We use DaVainci Resolve for our editing and grading.

From £75/hour.


If you have an event we can film it, interview participants and edit it ready for social media engagement. Generate a buzz and have material ready to promote the next event. From £1300 for filming and editing.


Drama/TV we charge £750/ 10 hour day for single person crew. Recce day £350.drone-pilot-set

Basic kit is Mavic 3 Pro Cine/Mini 3 pro (for more public dense environments)

We have a Shogun 7 for client monitor and review and format conversion for feeding into set monitoring. Specifications exceeding this will cost more.

Corporate/Social Media POAvideo-service-prices

Mini3 Pro sub 250g drone and operator.

A second person on the crew adds £275.

Travel costs are additional at 50p per mile.


Brian has many years experience racking cameras for outside broadcast companies and continuing Drama such as Hollyoaks, Emmerdale and Coronation Street. He has also graded “Compulsion” for CH5 and “Granite Harbour” for the BBC.

Video service prices for this are.


All prices subject to Vat at current rate.