The Sky’s The Limit

Drone photography is making a big impact on the aerial photography business. You no longer have to hire a plane or a helicopter to get the shots you need. In fact a helicopter can’t get as close to your subject. The arrival of modern battery technology literally giving rise to the modern multi rotor copters. As helicopters and aircraft are limited to around 500ft the quadcopters can cover from the ground up to 400ft. This gives great vantage points and enables you to get closer to the action.


Also you can use a drone instead of laying track for a dolly saving you time and money. But it isn’t easy, you have many airspace planning, health and safety and legal issues and insurance to deal with not to mention having an eye for the right shot. For larger budget productions we use trusted suppliers with larger rigs but we have two drones, a Mavic 3 pro cine and a Mini 3 Pro drone that can fly anywhere, even in built up areas.

The Mavic 3 pro cine and mini3 pro can be controlled by an RC pro controller and therefore output client video without telemetry, a must for drama sets. We have our GVC and Operational Authorisation from the CAA and can get within 50m of uninvolved persons.

We can film aerial video footage and high resolution stillsĀ for corporate, survey and inspections.

Get a great view of your land or buildings from the air. There are many factors to plan for such as other airspace users, uninvolved people, animals being present, MOD activities to name a few.

Every aerial job is different so please get in touch with our head pilot Brian Barnes for an appraisal of your requirements.

We have covered corporate needs and even continuing drama for ITV! We are an ITV approved supplier.


Our charging structure for drone photography is simple, view here.