A sailing trip to Ireland

A sailing trip to Ireland.

I love sailing and although the weather is very wet and windy at the moment I saw a break in the clouds for about 3 days so decided to get over to Howth. I like Howth because it is pretty and doesn’t have quite the hustle and bustle of Dublin centre but you can get into the city easily on the Dart if you wish.

I made this video with GoPro 10, iPhone 11 Pro Max and a Mini3 Pro drone.

Launching drones at sea is a bit fraught to say the least but the images you get are worth it.

I love the peace and tranquility of the sea and the animals.

On the way home not far from Holyhead I ran into a pod of dolphins, a great round up to the trip. The common dolphins are always very friendly and come along for about 20 minutes to ride the bow wave until they get bored or hungry!

You can see more clips possibly to buy at our sister site www.sublimepictures.tv