National Fell Relays

The National Fell Relays are a prestigious event and Chorlton Runners Black Sheep put some teams in for this event.


Last year was the first time we had entered the national fell relays and this year was my first time. What an event. I filmed it with my GoPro, Mini 3 pro drone and my Black Magic Pocket Camera 6k.

I love having a mix of camera gear on site to get the best shots.

After a little mishap losing my iPhone over the side of my boat on the way back from Northern Ireland, see here I now only have a cheap Android phone and to be honest the camera quality isn’t really good enough to use with my pro gear.

I am going to reinvest but when I found out the iPhone 15 pro max didn’t have 8k I put it on the back burner…

Having flown around the start and dodged another drone while filming I set off up the hill to Barrow little man. This was hard work with my old manfrotto tripod and all the gear to support the “pocket” camera. It eats batteries so I have to take a V-Lock and bits. I had originally intended to go up to Barrow but as it happens I got really good shots from the lower vantage point.

After a hard days editing here is the result. I’m really please with the outcome.