Photoshopping – A short film by Mark Davenport

Photoshopping is a short film by the incredibly talented Mark Davenport. Elaine Moss wants the world record for being photographed with the most celebrities. She only needs one more but will fate allow it? A reporter calls to get the story and finds out there is more to her photos than meets the eye. Fern Britton is opening a store in a shopping centre and this is the chance for the winning photo, or is it?

What an engaging short film! We loved working on this project and helping with production. Our sister company, Sublime Pictures, worked heavily on post, special effects, and finishing.

If you haven’t had the chance to see the trailer, here’s your chance.


The behind the scenes footage shows just how much work and how many people go in to making an extraordinary film.

Take a look at this interview between Mark Davenport, the director, and myself to understand some of the process of how Photoshopping was made.


Here’s the hard working cast and crew that made Photoshopping possible.

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