Generally full productions video services can cost from £650*. Assuming a half day shoot/half day edit. This video is an indication of what a clip for social media use might be like. Larger productions with more preparation, shooting and editing would be more expensive.


For camera crews and editing we charge from £650*/day. Sound recordists extra.


If you have an event we can film it, interview participants and edit it ready for social media engagement.


We have our own aerial camera for stills and video. There is a £120 search and prep fee then it is £60/hour/person including travel time plus expenses. Minimum fee £275 plus vat. Mileage at 55p/mile outside a 25 mile radius of our office. Prep fee and expenses charged when we take the order and the balance after the footage is delivered. All subject to current regulations and weather.

*time includes travel time, half a day is 4 hours, prices subject to vat.