Brother TD 2130 – Patient ID printer

We have been working away on two new Brother projects a video promoting the new patient labelling machine and the PJ7 mobile A4 printer. These have been testing to set up and plan with locations in hospitals, pharmacies, domestic residences and a tattoo parlour of all places.

More about the Brother PJ7’s versatility in another post but the 2130 shoot required a hospital and a pharmacy. We found a hospital training facility as a location and this meant that we didn’t have the health and safety concerns of shooting in a real hospital. I nearly had kittens though when I came around a corner to see a whole load of blood on the floor… It was just a broken test tube of fake blood. Phew the things we producers go through! The two locations brought home the flexibility to print patient wristbands and blood sample labels.

What challenge will we have next? Please let it be filming in the British Virgin Islands on a super yacht.