Generally full productions video services can cost from £600*. Assuming a half day shoot/half day edit. This video is an indication of what a clip for social media use might be like. Larger productions with more preparation, shooting and editing would be up to £20,000* or more, this video is an indication of duration and quality.

*Special Offer (change the world) click here

We will come along to film you and your business with our 4K cameras and drone if suitable for £175/day and edit for £175/day. This means for most we can make you a good product for £350 plus vat.

You will need to be within 50 miles of our office and we will work for up to 8 hours door to door with all our equipment. If you are further away we can charge a little more and may have to film for less time, just contact us please, email us at


For camera crews and editing we charge from £600*/day. Sound recordists extra.


Training and consultancy are charged at £600*/day.


If you have a PowerPoint presentation and want to stream it live or have it online on demand then we can sort it for you from £500*.


We have our own aerial camera for stills and video. There is a £240 search and prep fee then it is £40/hour/person plus expenses. Minimum fee £480 plus vat. Mileage at 55p/mile outside a 25 mile radius of our office. Prep fee and expenses charged when we take the order and the balance after the footage is delivered.