We make videos that work for you!

It may be a corporate video that we have produced completely or a short film we have assited with such as the Oscar Nominated   "Voorman Problem" or award winning "Photoshopping". We believe everything in the world is driven by relationships, personal and business. People buy primarily on an emotional response, a gut instinct if you like.

Moving images are the nearest thing to being there so they are more emotive and can generate an emotional response quicker. Also movement stimulates interest in everything that we do, have you noticed now how even banner ads on websites are animated?

Moving images can help make your business more successful and we want you to let us prove it.

Some of the ways we can practically help.

  • increase your sales by driving traffic to your web site
  • reduce bounce rates on your web pages
  • educate your customers
  • train your staff
  • promote your product
  • circulate your presentation
  • make your commercial
  • show your webinar to the world

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If you are reading this then you are interested in what online video can do for your company growth.

You are right because if you search on google for video marketing tips you will get about 105 million results!

Web video is incredible popular. You Tube alone gets 1 billion views a day and to gain a commercial advantage it is very powerful.

Why are webinars cost effective? How can you host your content?, How can you manage your assets?

Contact us to find out.


Activideo specialise in corporate video production, but can produce virtually any video asset you require.

Since the launch of Activideo in 1990, video producer Brian Barnes has been at the helm of the business providing video production in Manchester, he has been in TV since 1979. Professionalism, integrity, transparency and responsiveness underpin everything this video production company stands for.

We are easy to work with, listen to you and work as your partners and don’t hold you to ransom over your video content. We love our work, aren’t precious and always remember it is your film we are making. For fun watch our video promo.

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